Put some color on your cheeks! (And dots, and nose, and eyebrows) #gif-fun #patterns



Getting to see a whole lot of this lately #DudesInStartupShirts (via jesssauer)


Pygmalion, the iDollators, and Oskar Kokoschka’s ‘fuzzy companion’

 (via A (Straight, Male) History of Sex Dolls - The Atlantic)


Hello again, Internet! We’re back with this fascinating genus of mansplainer #inception #manception


This is the guy who will show up to educate you on the true meaning of mansplaining because, like, he’s a progressive, sexy, with-it-kinda guy whose purpose on this earth is to gently or not-so-gently tell you that you’ve got mansplaining wrong (and of course he can never be one). This is the Escher of Mansplainers.



What does ‘sharing’ mean in the ‘sharing economy’? (via The Case Against Sharing — The Nib  — Medium)


This is what I think summer will look like in the winter. 


"The first-ever set of ISO standards for world cities has been created. And the implications are dramatic." (via Finally, Clear Performance Data for Comparing the World’s Cities - CityLab)


The dedicated and ridiculously talented Gopher lead designer (and In-House partner!) Alex gave an office tour to BaronMag. Check it out, y’all. 


An excerpt of Laurel Braitman’s excellent “Animal Madness” is what you need to be reading today. (via When Animals Lose Their Minds - WSJ)


Here’s the science of old-book smell! (Tomorrow’s edition: santa clause doesn’t exist and other heartbreaking stories)
Via: explore-blog:

The chemistry of what causes new and old book smells



"We also learned (surprise) that high quality posts do not automatically garner attention and audience commensurate with the effort of producing them."

- Medium reports what they’ve learned from their Collections (‘mini-publications on Medium’) experiments.


Update on Medium’s Paid Collection Experiments — Medium


Fútbol fever has begun to rise in Gopher-land, and this ESPN article is hitting the spot. Via millionsmillions

"An assigned profile of Luis Suarez led to a stack of things to read about his past. Whether it was a tabloid calling him Cannibal! or The New York Times calling him Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, the portrait is of a cheat and a lunatic. If someone breathes on him near the goal, he falls down like he’s been knifed. He has bitten an opponent. Twice. And, back in his childhood in Uruguay, there’s an oft-reported incident that serves as explanation, or maybe proof, that he is, in fact, batshit crazy. When Suarez was 15, overcome with anger, he headbutted a referee and received a red card in a youth match, making the man’s nose bleed ‘like a cow,’ as a witness said.”
— Wright Thompson profiles Uruguay’s best soccer player.